Friday, July 16, 2010

a summer storm

Tonight I came home to the most intense thunderstorm of the summer, armed with a couple rolls of sushi, a bottle of pinot grisio and a new sketchbook. Mike is on cape cod, and I picked up a saturday shift tomorrow, so its a perfect Friday night to relax and sketch out some new ideas and prime a few canvases. But it all came at once. Maybe its the electricity in the summer air, maybe its all the other productive stuff I've been getting done, but my mind is so full of ideas. More full than I can even grasp, with more to get out than I can sketch on paper in time before it sort of fades away and loses electricity.

What I could get down: pianos, bottles, hot air balloons, antlers. White backgrounds and bursts of rainbow watercolors. Layers and levels of light and dark parallels. I don't even know what that means, but its the only way I can explain it. Why is it that inspiration jumps in so suddenly and overwhelmingly? I would give so much to every night feel the manic creativity that I feel on nights like this.

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