Sunday, November 14, 2010


This weekend was so relaxing. After seeing Dave Matthews Band with friends in Boston on Wednesday, I had a 4-day long weekend to relax... sometimes I need to force myself to stay in, to not go anywhere or do anything so I can just take a breather and unwind, or work on artwork or shop stuff that requires more than the couple hour period I have between work and bed on the weekdays.

We sat around, packed prints, went to the post office, made breakfast, ate outside, made pumpkin bread, read, cleaned, watched tv, picked up a photography book recommended to me, and I finished hanging the artwork I took down before we painted our walls. I also put up an inspiration wire in front of my painting desk... its pretty empty and uninspiring right now but hopefully it will fill up fast.

two buddies
two buddiesfriday morning's packages, ready to ship out
newly hung artwork and inspiration wire above my desk
inspiration wire
inspiration wire
inspiration wire
pondering an egg
lazy weekend pumpkin bread french toast

I was able to brainstorm a lot of ideas for in-progress and new paintings. As much as it makes me feel like a homebody (especially considering the last five years of college and post-college partying), sometimes its weekends like these that I need most... not exciting, a little productive, but mostly endlessly refreshing and renewing. I painted a little too... I'll post those later.

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