Sunday, December 5, 2010

how many stars in a night sky?

some photos from a sleepy cloudy winter sunday.

"night swimming"
night swimming, almost finished. this came to me last night and i worked on it almost nonstop. i think everyone remembers a night when they stood with their toes in the surf, gazing out into the wild dark black sea...

night swimming up close
sea foam close up...

stitches, scribbles, speckles
some smaller fiber artworks i've been working on...

snowboarding jacket
new snowboarding jacket. i loved this little surprise on the sleeve :)

a lily in the bouquet of flowers my boyfriend sent me for our three year anniversary... i love that every time i lean in to my painting desk i get a whiff of roses, lilies and snapdragons.


gracie... i found her in high school and my mom took care of her while i was in college.

when i graduated college, my mom flew out to massachusetts with her and we were reunited. she is an amazing buddy to have around in the studio when i have to work alone and is hilarious to watch. its surprising how much you can share with something that can't even communicate with you :)


  1. So glad to have found your blog! and I simply adore your Gracie. She is (even looks) a lot like my Pumpkin. Aren't cats the greatest? You're very right, it is amazing how much we share and connect with our cats. I'm so glad you have her back!

  2. hello there! just found your art, and then your lovely blog! really enjoyed this post! liked it so much that I wrote a little something about you and your art (and even Gracie) on my blog: thank you for so much beauty and inspiration! take care!