Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And pipes to hang our hammock from...

This week has been so busy! On Friday, a wet, snowy and grey winter day, we signed a lease for what might be the most beautiful and bright apartment in all of South Boston. Maybe even... in the world? Of course I am biased as any 25-year old would be... this 900 square feet of hardwood floors, huge windows and exposed brick in a renovated industrial factory will be my first real post-college apartment, the first real place Mike and I can call our own home, and my first dedicated studio space... but it really is my dream apartment come true. Um, did I mention the windows, and exposed pipes to hang out hammock from?

Unfortunately in between signing the lease and moving in next Friday, I had to get my wisdom teeth out. It was a little nerve-wracking at the start, but ended with a lot of ice cream and Toy Story movies, playing Cash Cab (by myself, on pain-killers), getting some stuff packed and updating this blog. I also wasted a lot of time on Pinterest, searching for and pinning decorating inspiration. We've been saving up by living in an apartment at Mike's parents' house and don't really have any special look to our apartment now (besides a lot of plants and art supplies everywhere) so I am excited on an almost creepy level to be able to finally create our own little city oasis.

I love the idea of working with the raw, industrial feel of our building and bringing in tropical, rustic, natural materials along with bright Moroccan and Indian colors and patterns. Mike loves anything that contributes to a Caribbean, jungly party atmosphere. The last three places we've travelled together have been in the Caribbean and Central America, which have been jaw-droppingly vibrant and inspiring. I want to walk into my home every day and see these things, or at least hints of them-- an almost secret oasis of green and life in a very industrial part of Boston.

(All images found on Pinterest, but click through and you'll be taken to the original source!)

Basically I'd like to live in Alice in Wonderland meets a living room fort meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets reclaimed industrial architecture with a few floaty curtains thrown in. Is this possible?


  1. Yes, it's possible! Great post and congrats on the wonderful apartment. :)

  2. Your apartment is awesome! Can't wait to see it finished in your style! It almost makes me want to move to the city.

  3. Anythings possible if you set your mind to it. Is this really your apartment? You have talent.

  4. Haha. Love it! Your blog is so inspiring and beautiful! Love that you post so many photos. :)

  5. Your description of where you'd like to live is perfect! Throw a little ambience from Where The Wild Things Are, and it's my dream living space exactly.