Thursday, June 23, 2011

some new work and new music

This post was brought to you by two things I found last night...


I worked most of the day on Tuesday putting the final touches on some new pieces, then took a frustrated break at night when I couldn't get them exactly where I wanted. I don't want to force it, I want to be in a groove and feel it and let each piece of paper or splatter of paint happen on its own, but I also wanted to get these done and bring them to get scanned and made into prints and feel like I've been somewhat productive over the last two months.

Halfway through some sushi (that came with the above fortune) and a mason jar of pinot gris I happened to find Garrett Kato via Spell & The Gypsy Collective's blog... wow. His unreleased song "Silver Moon" is in the video above (about Spell's native Byron Bay) and hearing just the first five chords was such a heart stopping moment that I frantically searched the internet for who this could possibly be. I immediately bought both his albums, plugged in my iPod and got back to work with my little brick studio filled with his incredible, gravelly Eddie Vedder-esque voice and guitar-harmonica-violin acoustic storytelling. By 3:30am everything was finished and I was in love with "Tree Talkin'" and "Pull Down The Window". Pretty cool night.

Here are Mandala, an untitled piece, Salt Water, Sea Fever, The World is Pretty Amazing, and Promise.

Today I'm making the trip up north to the print shop that scans my work... so hopefully these will be available soon :)


  1. beautiful. thanks for sharing that song. love it

  2. Seriously, incredible. You are so talented.

  3. I love "Amazing". I'm pretty sure I need to have "Amazing".

  4. Byron Bay is a special place. Have you been to Australia? You must come! I loved reading your thoughts and feelings behind your art.