Thursday, July 28, 2011

if you work really hard and you're kind

I was lucky enough to be featured in Etsy's Quit Your Day Job column this week. Click here for my interview.

Mae Chevrette, artist
Inside my studio
Biking to the post office

I was so happy to get to answer these questions and share what I've learned in the past (almost) two years between offering my first print in my shop and today. The Quit Your Day Job and Featured Seller interviews have always been some of my favorite parts of the Etsy blog because there is so much we can learn from each other, as artisans, sellers and people. Not just about marketing and shop knowledge, but about having a positive attitude and really believing that there is a place in this world for work made with our own hands and consumer connections beyond mass marketing and big box stores.

I hope, if you read this interview, it helps you with your own creative visions and motivates you in the way that so many past interviews have motivated me. We have a lot of time in some ways, and in other ways, just a little... we might as well spend that time doing things that make us fulfilled :)


  1. Your interview was wonderful and inspiring. It's exciting to see such a talented, beautiful artist as yourself really embrace her gifts instead of assuming it can only be an afternoon hobby. Keep creating!

  2. I adored your interview! And I'm glad it brought me to your blog! You're young AND wise AND bursting with talent! A magical combination. :)

  3. Absolutely wonderful and inspiring. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading the interview and admiring your beautiful art.

  4. Your interview and the text in your art is so motivating. I am glad I got to read about your journey. I'm tuning in to your blog, I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    : )


  5. hello there =] I've just finished reading your interview and loved how honest and motivating it was. I hope that one day I manage to be as successful as you, as it's always been my dream to be an artist/crafter =]
    I was beginning to wonder whether it was actually possible to make a living from selling online, and you've inspired me to keep going =]

    Some of my paintings:

    Some craft:


  6. Thanks for being so inspiring and keeping it real in your recent Etsy conversation. I so enjoyed reading it. You make it all seem so positive and possible. Hope this wonderful journey takes you to all the places you want to go.

  7. Loved the article Mae! Thanks for sharing honestly about your journey. :)

  8. Thank you all so much! I have really appreciated reading all of your thoughts and comments :)

  9. I actually just discovered your work through that article on Etsy (yay!!). I cannot tell you wonderful your paintings are. I have a big soft spot for lots of words and your creative space looks stunning. I can't get enough of those bricks! <3