Friday, August 26, 2011

this week's work

Started out the week with some personal frustration, but I tried my hardest to funnel all the negative energy into organizing and painting... it worked. I finished a few older pieces and started three new ones, writing down thoughts, experimenting with image transfers and learning to use my new palette knives. Going to bed at 4am exhausted and accomplished feels good.

brushes, table, plants, window
small things
And Upon The Shore II
this week's work and a new chair
new chair
sun spot

This is a pretty good take on life... finding the warm, sunny spots and appreciating the shit out of them.


  1. Love the quote here! Will share this on FB and it will be my theme for the weekend.

  2. Your studio space looks so relaxing and inspiring! And your new camera lens TOTALLY FREAKING ROCKS. Have a great weekend Mae! xo

  3. in love with your painting! <3 you are INSPIRING.

  4. That's a good spin on life!
    You always find a good balance between cold and warm in your photos, it's a pleasure to look at them.
    Have a good weekend!