Monday, September 12, 2011

process: follow that train

This weekend was really busy, but I spent every spare moment working on a sort of gritty, dusty piece with some lyrics I liked from Jessica Harp's song "Follow That Train." Kept this one sort of simple with just a photograph I took on Montana's Route 2, some town paper, vintage fabric and metal stripping. And nails... always nails.

Follow That Train 
I also kept my point and shoot on hand, hoping to make a sort of time-lapse video of the process of this work, but it turns out that hurried, badly shot low-res photos turn into just a hurried, bad low-res video. Here are a few I salvaged to give an idea of the process on this one.

Follow That Train, processFollow That Train, processFollow That Train, process
Follow That Train, processFollow That Train, processFollow That Train detail Follow That Train detail


  1. this looks great! I love the quote. How big is this one? Also really like the new banner ;-)

  2. Thanks so much Tanja... I'm working on rebranding my blog, Facebook and shop so hopefully all will have this new look to them soon :) "Follow That Train" is 20"x16".

  3. cool pictures of your process! glad to hear you keep trying new things. :) a good artist keeps experimenting!

  4. OMG I'm in Love with this already!

  5. WOW! I absolutely love your work! Amazing art, all of your sea ones speak to me! I found you via Facebook via Pinterest. Amazing inspiration!!!