Monday, December 5, 2011

december sounds

Pandora was killin it in my studio last night... every song I already love and every song I had been waiting to find came on in the perfect order and helped make last night one of the most productive painting nights in a long time. I didn't create a lot, but what I did create was magic - something that has been lingering on the tip of a paintbrush for weeks and finally put itself down on canvas tonight.

Here's what tonight looked and sounded like in my tiny brick corner of South Boston...

Chubby Boots in the studio.Random bits of my studio inspiration board

Though it was 65 degrees and sunny yesterday, it seems like Boston finally got the hint that it's December. It's so grey and rainy outside... makes me want to just shut all the blinds and hibernate. I have a lot of "business" stuff to do today (the sad truth about the holiday rush) but hopefully I'll get some painting in there too and have something long overdue to share in a few days.


  1. Such a fantastic playlist! Thanks for sharing! Do you remember what your seed was on Pandora?

  2. It started as John Mayer Radio, but is now equally based on Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews Band, and I do a lot of "nexting" and adding variety :)

  3. Very nice playlist... Some bands I had never heard of. Thank you for sharing! It really sounds like it was a magical night.

  4. Pandora is the greatest invention ever. lovely photos!

  5. Isn't it great how the right music can just be so inspiring? I've been listening to Pandora all morning at work, and I swear it just knows today what I need to listen to. It's been a whole bunch of awesome favorite songs in a row! So fun.
    PS. Love the snippits of the painting you're working on. Can't wait to see it completed!