Saturday, January 28, 2012

heart + intuition and salt water canvas prints

Three new canvas prints are now available in my Etsy shop!

Heart + Intuition is available as an 11"x14" gallery-wrapped canvas print.

heart + intuition canvas print heart + intuition canvas print

Salt Water is available as a small 11"x13" or original-sized 20"x24" gallery-wrapped canvas print.

salt water canvas print salt water canvas print

I'm so happy with how they turned out... I put the large Salt Water print next to the original painting and could barely tell the difference! Heart + Intuition is the perfect size to brighten up a small wall, so I gave the first canvas print to Mike's sister for Christmas... it looks great in her dorm room :)

You can find these two new prints in my shop here.


  1. Mae, I'm still looking for frames for the 2 "sea" prints I got from you - know I want very plain beachy wood frames - any tips on sources?

    1. Hmm, depending on what is in your area, you might have some luck at Michaels (my favorite place for frames) or Target. I know Michaels has some nice sorta rough wood ones, in brown and white.

      You could also try Etsy!
      I know 2 Dogs Woodworking ( ) has some great stuff :)