Sunday, January 8, 2012

lazy sunday, big art.

I love being lazy on Sunday afternoons... today Mike watched football, we played with the cats, I sent some emails, wasted time on Pinterest and just lived on the couch. Had a couple beers, ate homemade chili, snuggled. I love my home.

A couple weeks ago we hung a 30"x40" painting over our bed, and now I'm almost obsessively trying to find more ways to put up art in our apartment. I have a couple pieces of my own and of others' waiting for me to find frames and wall space for them. Until then I'm drooling over big art in beautiful spaces found on Pinterest.

Decor by Lonny Magazine

big script art tutorial by Elise Blaha

PAPAYA! LIVING- Opening Weekend
big wall art by Anahata Katkin

Little art and large art via Apartment Therapy

Addie Rementer painting via Apartment Therapy's Room for Color

Gorgeous, right? I want to go play with a big canvas right now!


  1. Thanks for sharing these! Good to know we aren't the only ones doing almost those same things...minus Chili on a lazy Sunday! We did, however, have a delicious lemon/orange/soy marinated serving of Kale, baby corn & quinoa :)

  2. I'm also obsessed w/ BIG art these days. I've got a big blank canvas that I'm deciding exactly what I want to do with ;) I just found your blog, after admiring your art! Love! I see, also, you're in Boston! I'm moving there this summer for two years while my huband goes to Harvard Business School! SO excited! Anyway, I'm looking forward to following along on here...

    1. Wow, that is great! I love Boston - there is so much to do and see and explore here if you like big cities. Cambridge is a sweet little neighborhood and just a hop away from downtown.

  3. I give up. I can't find any original works for sale from Sabrina Ward Harrison and Addie Rementer's website is still under construction. Why do artists make it so difficult to buy their work?

    1. Unfortunately I think SWH may be on a break from large works as she works on her new book/journal (though she did sell work on Etsy last year) and Addie may be working only in stationary right now... but those are just my guesses from the previous states of their websites. I agree, it is terribly frustrating to want to devour all the work possible from a newly discovered artist and then have so much difficulty finding it... keeping up to date with creating work and organizing it for public consumption can be quite a task.