Tuesday, April 3, 2012

three new spring prints

Spring has sprung! Here are three fresh new paintings I finished last week and brought to my print shop this weekend. All three are available as prints at Mae Chevrette Art.

11"x14" mixed media, photograph on canvas

The Woods
20" x 24" mixed media, photograph on canvas

Sweet Carolina
11" x 14" mixed media on canvas

close up detail of Sweet Carolina

I had to share this close-up of Sweet Carolina. The print shop that photographs my work does a phenomenal job of getting crisp, super-detailed shots. You can read every line of text, see every wrinkle on the 100-year old envelopes I use in the background, and even see the cloth texture of pieces of floral fabric that are only an inch long in real life... sometimes I look back over a print and notice tiny little details and scribbles I didn't even remember including, because the images are that crisp. Awesome.


  1. I could stare for hours at my "The Love You Make" print, because of that phenomenal detail. LOVE the new prints, Mae!