Tuesday, May 15, 2012

fort point portrait

Fort Point Portrait No. 1
"Fort Point Portrait No. 1"
14" x 11" mixed media collage on canvas

Fort Point Portrait No. 1 closeup Fort Point Portrait No. 1 closeup Fort Point Portrait No. 1

"Fort Point Portrait" was fun to create.

I love working with the photos I've taken since moving to Boston and I've taken a lot of good ones in South Boston and around Fort Point, an area in between my neighborhood and downtown, which sits alongside the Fort Point Channel and looks out on Boston Harbor. The background of this piece was made with vintage Boston Globe newspapers, maps, sheet music and best of all, a letter from 1914 (the yellow rectangle) that was addressed to a building just two blocks away from where I live in South Boston. Much of the material I use in my mixed media paintings eventually gets covered up, painted over or otherwise hidden... but I like that it's there. Somehow I feel like everything that goes into a collage - all the relevant photos, newspaper clips, found paper, local letters, etc. - sort of builds it up and creates a soul to the painting? A story beyond just paint and randomness? I don't know.

When a smaller painting sold off the wall at Flour this afternoon it was only fitting that this one replace it. Fort Point Portrait is on display at Flour until the end of May if you're local, and is available for sale in my Etsy shop if you're not.


  1. I agree so much with your thoughts about embedding bits and pieces of paper into your work. I enjoy doing the same with my own poems written out on a piece of paper - I like the idea of "a piece of me" being a part of my art, even if it's covered over with paint and barely visible. These are so lovely - have a great Tuesday!

  2. Mae, I purchased a small painting from you two years ago and a print last month. Am impressed by how much your style is maturing and evolving esp. in this piece.

    Your technique is very unique and there is so much depth to each painting. Happy to be a collector of your work.