Monday, July 30, 2012

life & art recently via instagram

These last few weeks have been such a crazy whirlwind! I love that Instagram makes it so easy to capture snapshots of life in the moment. Here's what's new:

me and my friend, 4000 feet of bubble wrap i may have been just a little overly ambitious in ordering shipping supplies this month

That's me, my new best friend Bulk Bubble Wrap, and the state of my apartment mid-July. Um, I may have been a little overly ambitious when ordering shipping supplies this month? Chubby Boots approves of his new jungle gym and I have a renewed appreciation for Mike's golden-retreiver-like level of patience with me and my business.

big bunch of flowers to distract from the million boxes of bubble wrap New blue nook is complete! Setting up my paints and plants and little art. This one by @katieisadaisy .

Went to the SOWA Open Market, bought flowers to distract myself from all the boxes I haven't wanted to unpack and the supplies I haven't put away. That didn't work so I hid in my studio and painted my inspiration wall/nook a more cheerful color. I know... my priorities are right on.

a beach bar in provincetown, ma awesomeness on a piano

Spent a couple days in Provincetown, Cape Cod with my friends at a rented beach apartment. Provincetown is beautiful and so fun; my favorite part of the weekend was finding Dotan of Piano Across America, who had this sign on his piano. Awesome. More on Dotan later.

Rain relaxing with a little watercoloring

Enjoyed some huge thunderstorms and painted with watercolors. I like the crazy afternoon storms of summer just as much as the hot sunny days. Chubby Boots loves thunder too, which is how I know we were a match made in random-bonfire-party-cat-adoption heaven.

Started off our day at the little diner down the street. Creme brule French toast and diner coffee are gonna fuel some great art today. An original painting I knew I could never part with. I haven't been around long, but I think this is one of the truer things in life.

Went to the breakfast joint down the street next to Mike's subway stop... came home and spent a powerful moment just appreciating how blessed I feel to have taken a risk that paid off.

Dusk at my easel. Starting my first new painting in over three weeks. Headed to the print shop!

Started my first new painting in several weeks... I love it. Sometimes they just come together perfectly from the start... this one did. It was finished and dropped off at my print shop this morning. And then I came home. And that brings us to right now. Whew!

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  1. I know what you mean about it taking over your home. Just with my little biz, it gets crazy in our townhouse. Great to read your update, and that things are going well~

    1. Thanks Monica :)
      It's pretty crazy how just a little bit of business stuff can completely take over! Normally it's pretty contained, and we have a lot of storage space for it, but this month really kicked my butt, organization-wise!

  2. Really lovely photos! Will follow on Instagram :-)

  3. I'll be following you! Loving your work and so glad to have found in O! :)