Friday, October 19, 2012

boston in black and white

As we get deeper and deeper into autumn here in Boston the days have gotten a little more cloudy, rainy and gray. Having grown up in Seattle I really don't mind the rain (and I love a good torrential thunderstorm) and these gray days just make hot mugs of coffee and long afternoons nestled away in my studio just that much more enjoyable. Funny how we go from sweltering indian summer afternoons to shorter days blanketed in soupy fog in just a few weeks, right?

These are just a few recent shots I've taken around Boston of things that caught my eye and felt fitting to share today.

Boston's Financial District as seen from across the Fort Point Channel in the Seaport.
A subway musician at Broadway Train Station, where I take the Red Line from Southie to visit Mike at work in Cambridge.

The end of a back alleyway in Chinatown.
The 1756 Central Burial Ground in downtown Boston Common.
Today it is pouring rain, humid and very dark out even though it's only mid-afternoon... definitely feels like the right sort of day to snuggle into a sweater in my studio, throw on some Adele and stay put for the rest of the day.

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