Saturday, November 24, 2012


I am so, so thankful this year. Been sorta running a mile a minute this month preparing my business for the holidays but I'm finally relaxing for a moment... getting a little choked up just thinking about all the good things now, and the great things to come in the future.

Thankful to pick my mom up at the airport after she flew in from Seattle for Thanksgiving... thankful for Mike's family and a warm, beautiful Thanksgiving meal... thankful for little Chubby Boots who comes home for the holidays with us, and for the bonus puppy time when picking up my matted artwork this week... thankful that some of it has already sold! 

Thankful for the exciting beginning of my dream career... the opportunity to travel and the blessing of a warm home and art studio to come home to... thankful for the images in my head and the ability to share them on a canvas... for friends who share my artwork and genuinely encouraged my small business dream. Thankful for you all.

Thankful for beautiful skies, changing seasons and a place I love to live.... for the ocean air and beautiful sights during sunset jogs downtown.


Deeply, boundlessly thankful for my sweet Mike and his gentle patience and encouragement as we navigate growing up together. Also, his cheese omelets. So good.
Enjoy your weekend friends.

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