Friday, December 14, 2012

madison square garden

Umm... I am overflowing with excitement and happiness to finally be able to share this. My original artwork now hangs in a private suite in the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City.

"Madison Square Garden", 9' x 4' hung in a suite overlooking the arena
"Madison Square Garden" is a 9' x 4' painting almost three months in the making. I was commissioned to create this painting in September and immediately flew down to New York City to view the location and spend a couple days wandering around Manhattan scouting out landmarks, snapping photos and gathering inspiration and materials. After two months of work on three big canvases, many different approaches and do-overs and layerings and like 30 pounds of vintage New York newspapers, this was born.

Installing each canvas in its new home at Madison Square Garden.

I am so happy with it. My clients were happy with it. It looks perfect in the space. It is a piece of art that translated nearly seamlessly through my hands, from my mind to the canvas, which is sort of rare. The many scraps of old New York ephemera - vintage tourist brochures, jazz sheet music, subway maps and handwritten stock market cards - all seemed to fit together like a puzzle underneath outlines of landmarks and street signs. Even installing it was an experience as we hurried to mount it and were treated with The Rolling Stones' sound check before the very big concert on the night of 12/12. 
Also this week was Mike's and my 5 year dating anniversary.  We decided to celebrate in New York (mostly since between this painting and the holiday rush I haven't had a free moment for the last few weeks) and went out to dinner, had drinks on a rooftop below the Empire State Building, watched ice skaters at Rockafeller Plaza and ended the night watching the sunset over Manhattan from the Top of the Rock observation deck. We drove home to Boston listening to the 12-12-12 concert on the radio and imagining the fun and music that will surround my painting. A really amazing end to this incredible year of my life.

Update: a couple people have asked about seeing this painting in person. It is in a private suite and (I believe) not accessible to the general public. Sorry!

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