Thursday, June 20, 2013

undreamed shores

"Undreamed Shores", which I posted a few peeks of last week, was just finished this morning! My studio was a little dark so I took it into our building's stairwell to get a few shots of it on the easel. I live and work in a restored brick factory and there are a ton of interesting textures and backgrounds all over... they worked beautifully with the painting's rough details and sharp lines. (Now, if only tiny chunks of brick would stop falling on my desk and in the parking lot...)

"Undreamed Shores"
16"x20" mixed media on canvas

I spent almost 12 hours straight painting late into last night, on this piece and two others, and now my brain and hands feel like they need a breather far, far away from the studio. You couldn't ask for a prettier day here in Boston so it's time to bust out my bike and head to the beach!

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  1. 12 hours seems like SO much painting. But the sailing looks like SO much fun. Hope you're having a good summer so far, Mae!