Wednesday, September 4, 2013

dear marie

Hello September! In the midst of a late night finishing up work to hang at my local Flour last week, trying to catch up on my 30x30 painting challenge, and creating some new pieces for an event at the end of the month (and some other exciting things I can't share just yet!) a beautiful song came on Pandora in my studio.

I am a huge John Mayer fan... like many musicians his celebrity attitude has not always been very endearing but I think underneath it all he's a vulnerable artist with a lot of good to give. Likewise, when you strip away the overproduction and pop beats of some of his songs, you get Paradise Valley, the perfect lyrics-meets-folk album for smoothing paper and layering glazes and tapping paint splatters at night.

Here's my favorite song...

Hope you enjoyed that. Have you discovered any good music lately?


  1. Mae .... check out Over The Rhine, especially their last 2 CDs. Know you won't be disappointed.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Have you heard of Ben Harper? He has been my favorite for a long time and his music has changed over the years so each album is great for a different mood.

  3. His new tour is so great! I've been a fan since No Room for Squares and just saw him perform last week-if you get a chance to catch him, you won't regret it!