Sunday, January 19, 2014

dispatch from jost van dyke

Hello the British Virgin Islands!

I'm writing this on my phone, from a blanket on the beach with less than reliable internet, so hopefully these photos make it through.

Mike and I have been camping on the beach down here for a little over a week, starting on St. John island and making our way to Jost Van Dyke island, spending some time scuba diving, hiking, and just relaxing together. I've already filled a field notes book full of new painting ideas and thoughts about where I'd like this year's artwork to go... stay tuned for more once I get back to my studio.


  1. Wow- gorgeous! I was just in the Flour in Southie today, saw artwork on the wall, thought it looked like something you would make, and saw they were yours. You have such a lovely, distinctive style : ). Hope you're having fun out of the snow!

  2. These are lovely! I have not been to Jost for some time but can still remember my first trip to Soggy Dollar, what a place! More photos please!

  3. HOw cute are you!! We met at Flour a few weeks ago when I was admiring your work. Love to see that you are travelling some place so close to my heart! Have a wonderful trip dear, I look forward to seeing what you make from these photos! Best wishes, Amy

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