Tuesday, March 17, 2015

new original paintings, prints, and free shipping

Lots of new work to share with you! This is the view from my loft/upstairs hall:

mae chevrette studio

Yesterday I picked up five paintings at my print shop and finished listing them for sale in my shop. Many original paintings sold over the holidays so it feels good to have a new batch of finished work back up on my walls.

Lately I've been really enjoying working on a big scale… three of those canvases are 36"x48" and the one on the easel is 36"x60". The amount of material required by large paintings is a bit of a challenge and especially daunting in the beginning, when it's just a big white canvas staring back at me, but I love  how much detail it's possible to include in these big ones.

"Salt-Faded Memories" (36"x48" mixed media on canvas)
Original painting and prints available

"A Summer Night in Newport" (48"x36" mixed media on canvas)
Original painting and prints available

"Watch With Glittering Eyes" (11"x14" mixed media on canvas)
Original painting and prints available

"Rose Light" (60"x36" mixed media on canvas)
Original painting available

"Sweet Blows the Wind" (24"x24" mixed media on canvas)

"Ghosts of the Coast" (36"x48" mixed media on canvas)
Original painting and prints available

Back in February I had four paintings hanging in an awesome group collage show at Wedeman Gallery in Newton. It was so fun to meet the other artists in the show, including Ana Linares and her incredible Floriography Tarot work and a longtime favorite encaustic artist Caroline Bowden. Here's Mike and I at the end of the artist's reception alongside Ghosts of the Coast. 

All of these original paintings are up in my shop and all ship free until midnight tonight with the code FREESHIPSPRING. I'll be taking a break from shipping originals and canvas prints starting Thursday, 3/19 until Monday, 4/26 while I am on a month-long road trip around the country, though Mike will still be shipping paper prints while I'm gone :)


  1. Amazing artwork as always! I especially love "Watch With Glittering Eyes" piece. I love the quote and the wavy words.

  2. You never fail to amaze me with your work, Mae! I love how detail-oriented you are. Your designs are all amazingly-filled with the best mixes of color. I hope you continue showering us with more beautiful paintings. Thanks for sharing that! Mae! Kudos and more power to you!

    Stasia Snellgrove @ Albuquerque Image Products

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