Friday, October 2, 2015

through fences and flowers

Finally finished! "Through Fences and Flowers" (90"x36" triptych) was a personal project I started a few months ago.

Over the past year I have really loved working on larger scale canvases... I like the challenge of sourcing a lot of material, choosing which images and paper will stand out and which will be smaller supporting details, and the physical work of stretching and moving around between areas of canvas. In this piece, I wanted to play around with different things I love about where I live: iconic landmarks, obscure buildings, hidden alleyways, the outlines of long-faded ghost signs and the contrasting geometry of an architecturally old city with new growth.

Juxtaposing my photographs against one another with several different collage techniques created an abstract city skyline that travels from my current neighborhood (Fenway) through the Back Bay, Financial District and into Fort Point/Seaport, framed by Commonwealth Avenue's famed spring magnolias and the derelict (but equally intriguing) chain link fencing that separates my street from the commuter rail train tracks.

At nearly 8 feet long it is full of layers, texture and details. It's on display at Flour in Fort Point near downtown Boston for the rest of October in case you'd like to check it out in person. If you see it, I'd love to know what you think!


  1. You want to know what I think: It's great!!! I love the city and the contrast with/to the wonderful flowers - I don't know their names in English but I know and love them. I love the way you combine fotoes, writing and painting and I wonder how you do that... And I had to smile about your "physical stretching and moving around between areas of canvas" I think here painting is some kind of sports :)
    Best greetings to you and your wonderful cat

  2. I very much like the first picture of all three canvas . The different sizes of canvases , the wonderful colors and the equally misty and close up camera shots all mingle and combine for a wonderful piece . I only wish I could actually stand in front t of this and enjoy.

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  4. I just found your website after seeing this painting at Flour. To be honest it is one of the loveliest pieces of Boston artwork I have seen in a while. I had no idea the background was so many pieces of paper, I will have to look closer when I am there next week. My husband's office ( on Congress Street ) could use some good art like this so I will bring him along :-)

  5. I am in awe... as with every piece that you create. This is wonderful.


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  7. There is mystery and delicacy in your art. It is intriguing and always worth viewing!