Tuesday, October 19, 2010

thoughts on a sick day

keeping an art blog is definitely not something i'm great at (oh, you're supposed to update a blog more than once every three months? who knew.) but i was thinking about the last year-- its been almost exactly a year since i opened my shop, and things have progressed unbelievably fast-- and wishing i had kept a better record of my art, my thoughts, and inspirations. there has to have been more to the last year than "oh my god, how am i going to get all these orders packed?" every week, right?

somehow i stumbled upon the art of tiel seivl-keevers and her blog, tsk tsk, and it inspired me to try a little harder on mine. her blog is the perfect combination of her own art, little snippets of her life, and other artists she finds inspiring. it was so interesting to read through and get that connection between the artist and her work, which is really beautiful. the way she overlaps colors into abstract shapes and then fine tunes them with delicate lines is really inspiring. i can definitely see her large pieces being amazing centerpieces in a room.

all images by tiel seivl-keevers

i'm home sick from work, mike is home sick from work, and there is a blank canvas sitting on my new easel. time for more coffee and paint.


  1. just lovely. glad to help inspire and hope your painting is starting to take shape.


  2. and can I also say that I'm very honoured to be apart of those you have chosen in your 'inspiring reads' section. some really awesome talents there