Thursday, September 13, 2012


Wednesday was beautiful and sunny so Mike took the day off work and we drove up to Gloucester, a historic fishing town on the northern coast of Massachusetts. Gloucester is beautiful, weathered and smells like salt air the moment you drive over the bridge... we grabbed breakfast at The Lone Gull and then headed to Gloucester harbor to go whale watching with Cape Ann Whalewatch for the afternoon.

It was the perfect day to play around with my new Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200mm f4 telephoto, while Mike practiced with my older Rebel T2i and its telephoto. I love that he suggested bringing the Rebel along for him to use! It was so fun teaching someone about DSLR photography and composition and comparing shots afterwards. He got some good ones.

About two hours away from land we saw a mother humpback whale and her one year old calf... they spent an hour playing around our boat, diving and resting right next to the bow, occasionally swimming underneath the boat. They were massive (duh) and came so close we could see their eyes and fins underneath the water.

Are you ready for this?


I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to nature... I love animals, I love watching them do their thing in the wild, and to see such huge whales so close (really, like 10 feet from our boat!) was so amazing. I could have watched them for hours. I mean, we did... but I could have watched them for even more hours. After getting back into harbor we explored Good Harbor Beach until sunset.

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  1. When i read that you enjoyed teaching photography, gave me the hope to write this. Could you write a little about your photography? The process, your composition rules, etc ?