Saturday, November 5, 2011

around my studio

Here are some photos from after I finished setting up my sawhorse table and organized my studio a little bit... it doesn't always look this clean when I'm working though :)

into my studio
plants and paints
plants on the windowsill

micron pens, paint tray
micron pens, paint tray
micron pens
lanterns and flower string lights
coffee & breakfast
but then i wonder

Pumpkin muffins and iced coffee have been my standard breakfast over the last few days... the recipe is from Camille over at Wayward Spark.


  1. OMG... i love everything! Love the close up shots - especially those pigma pens in that tin box. LOVE. LOVE.

    i even drooled at the ice coffee & muffin. :-)

    I admire you for having made your studio such a beautiful space Mae.
    Happy creating!!

  2. Lovely room! Sounds like the best breakfast ever!!


  3. Thanks, Mae, for being, well...awesome! I'll make sure to get your (gift) board in the mail on Monday.

  4. very pretty! love the exposed walls, happy creating x

  5. Mae,

    Can I say how much I adore those last three photos?? And congratulations on your new kitten! Too cute!!! Love the name too! :) Just watch out she doesn't try to step in any of your paint like my cat did when she was younger! Take care!