Tuesday, February 14, 2012

snowboard-inspired dresser diy

Even though we moved into our first post-college apartment almost a year ago, it's still sort of a work in progress. Over the holidays I found an old but solid birch dresser (on Craigslist, where else?) for super cheap and picked it up from another artist in Somerville. It was really dinged up and the finish was literally flaking off but after a few coats of paint and some new brushed metal knobs it now looks good as new.

I bought several pieces of artwork to hang over it but am still waiting to find the right frames for them. For now I temporarily hung Always (still for sale in my Etsy shop!) so it didn't have to be tucked away in storage :)

dresser makeover

The paint color was inspired by my snowboard, which happened to be leaning against the wall when we brought the dresser in. Our boards are still there, sad and unused so far during this very warm and snow-less winter. Since our walls are light grey I spray painted both jewelry stands white and picked up that cute cutout frame for $10 at Pier 1.

snowboard-inspired dresser makeover snowboard inspiration
dresser makeover dresser makeover dresser makeover
dresser makeover dresser makeover


  1. what a pretty color to paint a dresser! cool to see more into the life of mae. :)

  2. whats the color called that you used for the dresser?