Friday, February 17, 2012

a whoa moment

Woke up feeling weirdly inspired after a few days of feeling like nothing... I told Mike "big things are going to be made today." I've been playing around with some new (to me) materials and staring at stuff just thinking about it for a few days and it all came together a few hours ago as a "whoa" moment. Kinda hard to capture that in photos but I had to wait for some paint to dry so I tried anyway...

a whoa momenta whoa moment a whoa moment a whoa moment

The photos don't really do this feeling any justice. The inside of my head is just like, whoa, yes, awesome, ready, go!

Also, I swear I don't intentionally post dozens of photos of my cats... Chubby Boots has just decided that when I'm in the studio my work table, particularly the sunny part within reach of my hands, is his "spot".

You can pair these photos with a mix of reggae and folk rock to get a better idea of the vibe here today... I'm loving "So Nice" by Forest Sun. I think the best way to give him a listen is his Myspace page. Perfect upbeat relaxing music if you like G. Love & Special Sauce, ALO, Jack Johnson, Ray Lamontagne, and Zac Brown Band. (And, if you have any similar bands or artists to share, I'd love some music suggestions! Spring is right around the corner and I'd love some fresh new music to listen to.)


  1. Mae...I love your work. I know nothing about art but have started playing around with acrylics lately. Can I ask what you use to create texture in your paintings??? I have a hard time getting the paint to really "pop" out!

    1. That's great! Nobody knows much about art until they start playing around :)
      For texture there's really no limit at all to what you can use... I use everything from regular paint to sand and dirt and masking tape and old clothes. It sounds weird but there you go. The very best advice for mixed media I can give is to play around and experiment... you'lll start to see patterns you like and effects that you can build on that are very uniquely you :) Experience is the best teacher.

  2. I can't help but focus on your sweet kitty! I love that picture--so lazy and relaxed:) Thanks for sharing this beginning of your creation and your heartwarming kitty.


  3. I really love your work, and this looks very exciting! I was wondering if you've heard of Kurt Jackson, and if so, what do you think of his work? I just thought you might really like him :)

  4. Hi Mae, I love your name by the way. Did you know there was also a band in the late 90s named Mae.
    I just discovered your work today, and I am so inspired.
    May I ask please, what kind of camera do you use, or do you just use camera phones as well?
    Looking forward to reading your blog, etc :)