Monday, February 6, 2012

some art on the walls

This weekend was so packed... between a seminar on craft beer brewing (at Harvard! who knew those smart nerds were so cool), one of my best friends' birthdays and the Superbowl, I felt like we weren't home at all. I love being in our apartment... which is probably a good thing since I spend most of my workday here. These lazy mornings before we each go to work are the best.

We're listening to a pretty sweet Jack Johnson radio station on Pandora if you'd like to give it a listen :)

morning time
Doing a little work while we wake up... still pretty bummed about the Patriots' loss.
live, travel, adventure, bless hung on our wall
Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless is about four feet tall and a little too big to store with the rest of my finished work... so it's hung on our wall until it sells :)
window seat
Pretty nice view for a kitten.
sea fever hung on our wall
Sea Fever, hung over my desk.
christmas houseplant
We should probably take the holiday decorations off our Christmas Houseplant now that it's February.
plant, guitar, wall
Banana tree, guitar.
small boston mixed media
A small mixed media piece I made using photography and stamps over vintage envelopes on canvas. I took the photo almost four years ago from Mike's friend's roof deck in downtown Boston.
studio by afternoon light
My studio in the golden afternoon light.
Now into the studio to paint :)


  1. Your studio is beautiful. I would loooove to work in there! For now, I just lay a plastic shower curtain on my living room floor, spread out my art supplies, and go to town. :)

    1. Thanks Lesley :)
      The shower curtain move works! That's exactly how To Be Brave was made... and its so easy to clean up! :)

  2. Envious of your job! AND.... Love love love your studio :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Mae!! Your studio looks so inviting :)