Friday, February 3, 2012

sweet morning

Some random shots from early this morning...

brushes coffee coffee bottle breathe

One of the best gifts Mike and I got for Christmas was 10 pounds of coffee from a local roaster in the town where we went to college... we go through a lot of coffee so it's been fun to brew different kinds each day before we start our workday. 

The last photo is from a piece still in progress... I've been working on a few similar pieces, focusing on textures and a couple new techniques. Hopefully I'll get out of this inspiration funk and have something to share soon.


  1. Stunning images...filled with my favorite colors, textures, and things! My eyes and heart are both smiling...

  2. joy to see your pics, as always! I am hoping the inspiration funk leaves with the cool weather!! :)

  3. I love the small 'breathe' tile in the flower pot. Would you mind sharing where you found it? This is my first time commenting & absolutely love your blog & artwork.

    1. Hi Cristen, thanks so much. I found the "breathe" tile on Etsy in this shop:
      She seems to be making other crafts now but has a few ceramic tiles left :)

  4. beautiful shots of everyday things... thanks for blogging them

  5. Beautiful…….oh I want to try that Guatemala Antigua coffee; sounds amazing!