Friday, March 16, 2012

sweet carolina

Oh my sweet Carolina, what compels me to go
Oh my sweet disposition, may you one day carry me home
- Ryan Adams, "Oh My Sweet Carolina"

"Sweet Carolina" in progress

When I saw this sweet little farm while road tripping through western North Carolina last fall, I knew it would become a painting but I couldn't really wrap my head around exactly how it should look or progress until just now. I think I'll add a few more details but not too many... "Sweet Carolina" sort of just fell together itself and I'm so happy with her.


  1. "Carolina, one day I'll, some day I'll come home." -The Avett Brothers

    As someone from the Carolinas, I love this.

  2. this is amazing! i do believe my great great grandparents were from the carolinas :)

  3. ps you captured it in such a lovely way

  4. Beautiful Mae! You are so talented!