Saturday, April 28, 2012

delicious saturday.

baked fried avocado eggs baked fried avocado eggs

Started the weekend off with this egg and avocado deliciousness that's been all over Pinterest. The original recipe didn't quite work for me (after 10 minutes in the oven the egg white wasn't cooking at all and I'm not a patient person in the morning... or ever) so I took them out of the oven, flipped the whole thing over on the griddle and fried it egg-side down. A little sprinkle of cheese, crushed red pepper and sriracha and we had proof that everything is better with an egg on it. The next few versions of this will include bacon and smoked salmon and typing that makes me wish it was already tomorrow morning.

saturday space windowsill

Sunny studio where I will be for the rest of the day... I am enjoying this new studio set-up that allows me (and Chubby Boots) better windowsill access. Ahhh... Saturday.


  1. Where is your dining set from?

    1. It's not a set, but the blue plates are stoneware from IKEA and the mug was handmade by Turner Studios on Etsy:

  2. I tried that baked egg w/ avocado too! I liked the idea, but found the flavor just missing something. So I made a Thai version (blogged & pinned it too!) If you like sweet chili sauce, give it a shot!