Wednesday, September 19, 2012

milestones, surprises

This morning started off with a surprise dose of awesomeness... possibly the most exciting moment since I found out I'd be getting interviewed for Oprah Magazine last year. Like most future art related things it might be a while before I can actually disclose it, but it did a great job of filling my morning with a renewed sense of possibility and appreciation for this wild, surprise-filled career/journey I've embarked on. I was daydreaming and what if-ing for hours.

I experienced another exciting moment earlier this week too, when I packed up Field Trips for the trip to its new home. This was a milestone for me as an artist because Field Trips is the largest non-commissioned work I've sold, but also because it represented a little bit of a change in my painting style and a strengthened connection between my artistic intuition and creative process. It was a painting that started with no particular plan but ended exactly how it needed to be. And someone wanted that vision in their home! Field Trips was a hard painting to let go of - they all are - but I'm happy for it to be on its way to being enjoyed and connected with by new eyes.

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