Sunday, September 30, 2012

september air

Um... where did the summer go?
It's the last day of September, and Boston has been getting rainier and colder by the day, but little bits of summer are still holding on. I took the subway to Cambridge to grab a coffee with Mike after work on Thursday and he told me he had found something cool to show me... five stories up and we were in a rooftop garden on top of a parking garage. Three years of working next door and he had just found out about this roof.

It was pretty, and the surrounding buildings blocked all the traffic and subway noise down below. I wish I had taken a photo of it from the street because it definitely did not look like had much more to offer. More and more lately I've been feeling like I need these little moments of solitude... chances to just rest. Funny how these secret little spots pop up in the most random places in the city... a tiny but sweet oasis of natural color and life among the cold concrete and glowing glass buildings of Kendall Square.

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