Tuesday, October 9, 2012

camp things

I think this is the fourth year I've gone on this camping trip with Mike... some of his family and friends have been going for over twenty years. Driving up into the mountains was beautiful... every tree was a different bright, beautiful color and the fog and clouds nestled into the valleys and roads.

It's a long drive... but I like long drives.

It was really invigorating to see all the leaves changing, old barns and churches and bridges tucked into the mountains, lazy rivers and waterfalls slicing through the rocks...
I truly love in downtown Boston but it is admittedly lacking almost all of the beauty that comes with the arrival of autumn. A crisp breeze whipping between brick buildings and the return of pumpkin coffee is no match for the stunning natural changes of rural New England ;)

The camp site is right on the banks of the Saco River... it's beautiful, even in the rain. It's a long five days of fun, beer, nature and relaxing.

Mike loves playing football... and I love watching him play football.
It's a win-win :)

More photos tomorrow from our two great mountain hikes.

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