Wednesday, February 13, 2013

winter things


I have such a newfound appreciation for winter since moving to New England.
Growing up in Seattle, the summers are glorious, breezy and humidity-free and autumn is crisp and sunny, but winter leaves a lot to be desired... it's always wet but rarely snows, and is never really cold (just cold-er). I like the extremes here in Boston... boiling summer and frigid winter, with thick wild blizzards and howling winds that make me appreciate my cozy apartment and snuggly pets every night. (Although, the first winter that I lived in Amherst during college, I literally did not know what to do with myself when the wind chill dipped to -12 and I found myself in a foot of snow with no snow boots or good winter jacket, trying to pry open my car door which had iced over from the inside because I left my window down. Oy.)
And now... I bask in it. I love the snow. I love smothering myself in big scarves and trying to cradle a hot coffee with thick mittens and every other cliche winter thing. I walked to Mike's work with him in the beginning of the blizzard Friday and then went out again for snowball fight around 2am. I also got to try pond ice-skating for the first time this winter as well as exploring a bit with my camera. Shooting in the frost and snow is like seeing nature in a completely new light.

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