Friday, August 9, 2013

30 paintings in 30 days: day 5

Happy Friday! Here's Day 5:

The topic of seagulls came up a few times while we were sailing this week. Two of my friends absolutely despise seagulls (though one friend was swimming when we threw a handful of chips on her and attracted every bird in sight, so that's understandable.) My friend's mom loves the ones that sound like they're laughing. Mike is patiently amused by them as long as they don't poop on his boat. And I like them and prefer them around, as their skylit silhouettes and shrill chatter are as necessary a part of the coastal experience as crashing waves and sandy feet. I like how they look like little sails in the sky and how sometimes you'll just see one bobbing around in the middle of the water, far from land, doing nothing at all except just seagulling.

What do you think? Do you like your beach with a side of seagulls?


  1. This is so sweet Mae. Thank you for sharing...

  2. I love em, they are delightful to watch. The artwork is fantastic as always

    1. Thanks Susie! I feel the same way. One of those animals that is pretty funny to watch :)

  3. love to hear them...not such a fan of their 'company' though. but yes...a harbor with the sound of gulls..fantastic. :)

  4. What materials do you use to create this collage?