Friday, September 20, 2013

harborwalk sunshine

Earlier this month I was commissioned to do an exciting project for a Boston landmark just a mile or two from my studio. The preparatory process has been similar to my Madison Square Garden commission (thankfully, minus the plane flight) and I've spent many hours of the last two weeks roaming around Boston, snapping photos and gathering materials. Today I finished up with a walk along the waterfront, found the last few shots I needed, and then treated myself to a bouquet of lilies at the farmer's market and coffee from Flour. 

After the last few weeks working and playing non-stop, just sitting on warm harbor cobblestones by myself in the sunshine felt so good.

Sometimes I can't believe I live in Boston. I mean... I have lived here for two years. It's real. But it was never my plan (not that I have ever really had a plan.) I enrolled in college in Hawaii... then I switched to a liberal arts college in Massachusetts a month before starting. A Seattle friend bailed on driving cross-country with me... then I discovered my love for road-tripping alone. I asked a cute stranger for a beer at a Halloween party seven years ago... it was Mike. He got into graduate school in Boston, we saved up money living with his parents, and I then I quit my day job, we signed a lease on our first tiny apartment together and moved to South Boston all within a week. And now.. here we are.

Isn't it funny to think about all the little steps that brought us to exactly where we are in the present? Saying yes to one choice or no to another...  Each of the the mis-steps and re-routes and instinctive decisions and randomness make the paragraphs of our every days add up to be one big story. Nobody else walked the same path... nobody else has our story. I had fun sipping my coffee and thinking about all the steps and choices that will lead to future paintings, art opportunities, cities, friends, children, adventures... all of them unbeknownst to me today, sitting in the sun, sipping coffee and thinking of all this.

We can only be so intentional; so much is up to chance! How mysterious and fun.

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  1. This is probably my favorite post of yours. I have always had wondrous thoughts about all of the little happenings and mis-happenings that seem to silently guide us to where we end up... and you put it into words perfectly. Thoroughly enjoyed this and am sitting here smiling and thinking :)