Thursday, October 17, 2013

30x30 project: days 23, 25, 26

Whew! I'm in the home stretch of my 30x30 painting challenge. I think I was a little over-ambitious (crazy?) to think I could create 30 unique paintings in only 30 days, so this project has stretched out a little longer than planned, but I can say it's been a really great exercise in being thoughtful of my surroundings and consciously creating art that reflected exactly what I felt or thought about in the moment.

Day 23 was painted before our trip up north, in between packing up my camping bag and switching out summer trunk necessities (beach chairs, blankets, a random cowboy hat?) with winter ones (extra hats, camping games, jumper cables):

Day 25 was painted the night I got home from camping:

And Day 26 was painted last night after a quick flip through Nizar Qabbani's Arabian Love Poems while cleaning my studio:

It's been fun to start with just a blank pad of paper and a twinkle of an idea and let each tiny painting form itself over the course of a day. Four more to go! Thanks for following along.

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