Monday, December 16, 2013

the progression of 'your heart and my heart'

I recently completed a new painting titled 'Your Heart and my Heart,' inspired by one of my 30x30 paintings. The original painting sold immediately, but there are two sizes of prints available in my Etsy shop.

I snapped a few shots of the progression of this piece along the way, in case you'd like to see how one of my word paintings evolves.

First I start with an idea of what areas will show in the final painting, and layer paper on canvas accordingly. (I also turn on my 150w work lamp to lure some company into my studio. Never fails!)

Then comes color and testing out styles and sizes...

Then more words and painted details. 

I almost always add scripted words last and I practice them for a few hours before actually putting them on canvas. Unlike painting on paper, I can't lightly sketch them in pencil so I have to free-hand it and hope it looks right. Sometimes it takes only a few tries... this time it took over forty! I finished it just in time to drop it off with my photographer on the way up to Vermont.


  1. I love your paintings! How do you get the painted letters from your cut outs? Do you paint over them like a "masking" technique?

    1. Thanks Marcia! I generally make cut outs to figure out the placement and size of letters and then turn those cut outs into stencils. Hope that makes sense :)

  2. I love this quote. Thanks for the constant inspiration Mae, hope you have a fun relaxing holiday.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your process. My mother loved her print.

  4. Happy New Year! Your blog provides me with such inspiration. Thank you!

  5. wow...& i thought there was something wrong with me since my handlettering looks fine everywhere else except on my canvas!! i can share in your "40 attempts"!!! i have long admired your "the cure for anything..." painting & but just recently saw the artist behind it & i am truly inspired by your work & your talent. i am a huge fan of the ocean & sunshine - after years of floundering & being insecure i'm taking the plunge...started a blog & am on my way to opening an etsy shop...yikes!! thank you. lisa.

  6. First of all sorry for any misspelling, but I speak and write english as an second language.
    Just wanna let you know that your pictures are absolutely amazing! You have a huge talent :-)
    I would be very pleased, if you allow me to blog your pictures on my tumblr! Every picture has a source with a link to your website. I will not use the pictures in any other way!

    I would be very pleased if you gave me the permission.
    Greetings from Berlin – Germany, Manja (