Thursday, December 12, 2013

vermont travels

This week Mike and I celebrated our sixth anniversary together. Six years... time flies! It feels like yesterday we were college kids driving his rusty Jeep Wrangler back and forth between our little apartments and campus.

Last year we celebrated in New York City while we hung a commissioned painting of mine at Madison Square Garden. This year, Mike suggested we travel somewhere new for a few days, so we scouted out a cheap loft room in a 1830s-era house, packed our snowboarding gear and headed 200 miles north to Stowe, Vermont.

First off, if you have not been to northern Vermont, it is so beautiful. For forty years Vermont has banned billboards and advertisements throughout the state, so the drive up to Stowe is peaceful and pastoral, on highway cut through rocks and forests, then onto the Green Mountain Byway which passes through quiet little towns and with red barns, covered bridges and white steeples dotting the roadside.

Our two days snowboarding in Stowe were excellent. Mt. Mansfield is the highest peak in Vermont and we had beautiful views and fluffy snow all the way down the trail.

My tiny 5-year old Canon point-and-shoot fit right into my jacket pocket and took most of these. Here's a little collage I made while playing around with photos and findings from this weekend. (If you are a Vermonter or perhaps just a mountain lover and would like this little original paint sketch, it's up in my Etsy shop with free shipping.)


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  2. I love this one. I collage our travels sometimes too. Thanks for sharing. How do you keep your papers flat? I may use too much glue but I often get buckling...if I'm using a paper support.