Monday, March 3, 2014

february instagrams

Happy March! I can't believe how fast February flew by... maybe because it's a few days shorter or because it's been frigidly cold and I'm impatiently waiting for spring (and a few other things... more on that later this week!) Here's some art and non-art photos of things that have happened in the last month, all from my Instagram.

The top of Sunday River ski area. Mike and I took our first trip up to Maine to snowboard for three days... it marked the 10th mountain and 4th state we've snowboarded in together since he started teaching me six years ago.

We got a little bit of snow here in Boston.

A beautiful handmade gift arriving in the mail...

"Lost and Found" and the rest of Katie Herzig's "The Waking Sleep" have been playing on repeat in my studio this week. Her music kind of reminds me of a cross between Sara Barieles and Lorde, maybe?

A small area of a big painting that has been hanging out in my studio for a few months. I just like looking at it.

The old and the new... I use so much glue and glaze that most of my brushes end up with some pretty gnarly paint barnacles on their handles within a few uses, but the bristles stay pretty new with BJ Master's brush soap... I swear by it.

Lastly, Mike has been in Hawaii on a work trip for the last week. I was trying to send him a 'good morning' video message before heading to SoWa Market when Chubby Boots photo bombed it by climbing the storage ladder behind me. The distracted 'wut?' face in this picture is a little awkward but I just had to share it. Cats around here, I tell ya! Climbing ladders like they own the place.


  1. I follow you on Insta but I love seeing these photos again
    especially the cat! Cannot wait to hear your big news Mae.
    Sincerely, Alexis R in Brisbane

  2. Love your work! I am also an artist and looking to start making prints of my work and what draws me to yours is how they retain such detail and high quality from the originals. How do you make your prints? Do you print them yourselves or go to a printing place? It's overwhelming to try and understand the best way to make prints and also not lose quality. Think I'm going to go peek at your etsy shop now and pick up a print :)

    1. Thanks! I bring my originals to be photographed at a print shop which uses a BetterLight scanning camera. Then I color correct the files to my liking using PhotoShop, and print them at home with an Epson Pro 3880 pigment ink printer on fine art paper :)