Friday, May 9, 2014


My first day at SoWa was a huge success!

The rain held off and Sunday was just a beautiful, festive day all around. It was fun to finally meet people who I've only know through Etsy or this blog (some who have been supporting my art since my 'studio' was an upstairs room at Mike's parents' house!) and to introduce my art to new viewers as well. Seeing people react to what they like or don't like in a painting is the best kind of feedback you could ask for as an artist. And my sly plan to use a water bowl and free dog biscuits to lure pups over so I could pet them worked like a charm ;)

I ended up selling out of several prints and my newest original painting, "Amaze", also found a new home. "Amaze" is 36"x48" and my largest non-commissioned painting ever (second only in size to the 9'x3' piece in Madison Square Garden) and one of the first pieces I've finished in my new studio. Selling this painting represents a big step for me in terms of size, style, pricing and process.

A detail shot… 

We delivered it to it's new home in the South End last night (with a touch of the requisite sadness that follows letting go of any original painting) and I was immediately energized to play around with the other big canvases prepped in my studio. Here's a peek at a new 12" x 36" painting that will be joining me at SoWa this weekend.


  1. HI Mae, I'm new to making collage and just discovered your work- absolutely love it and the colors and complexity of the images. Did you dye the newsprint? And how were you able to use the photo of the magnolias - it looks like they are very large. Did you enlarge your photo and print it? you teach any classes or workshops? I'm in Maine. Thanks for answering my questions....just trying to learn about all the mixed media options out there, so much to choose from! Deborah Page

  2. I am a new reader of your blog and already so completely inspired by your work. This piece is lovely, the magnolias give it balance and dimension. The contrast to the blue is also interesting. I began working in collage this past winter, mainly on ATCs, and simply have a blast reinterpreting the elements involved. Your work is divine...makes me see my own work in a whole new light...which I think is one of the greatest compliments of all.

  3. Hi Mae, I too am new to your work and I just LOVE it! I saw some of your work on Pinterest and I am blown away. Your work looks and feels like the stuff I would want to create. I have been looking everywhere for books or other "how to's" in this style as I am just starting out with mixed media. Anything you could recommend? Thank you for the inspiration.