Monday, June 23, 2014

making of "to the deep"

Right before my trip to Minneapolis I finished "To The Deep," an 18"x36" mixed media painting using a much loved photo from our last whale watch

A lot of my paintings explore my experience along the shore, but I really wanted this one to convey all the ethereal mystery and lurking darkness that the open ocean holds. I knew there would be many layers of paper and color in this one so I decided to document the process of creating it on my instagram feed, from first layers of paper to the last paint splatter. Here are a few shots from the process:

You can see all of them on my Instagram. "To The Deep" is available for purchase in my shop.


  1. Will you do prints of this or only sell it as an original? I'd love a print, if you make them!

    1. I think there will be prints of this one once the original sells :)