Tuesday, September 2, 2014

30x30 project, a year later

Happy September! Around this time last year I was finishing up my 30x30 Project in my old South Boston studio… I challenged myself to create 30 small, intricately layered paintings in 30 days. Here are all 30 lined up to be titled and signed before getting matted. 

Day 11, above, was created towards the end of August when the days were still hot but the nights began getting cooler and longer and I wrote this poem about the wistfulness and wilds of a summer's end… it seems perfectly fitting to share today after a weekend that gave me both a slight sunburn and a campfire scented sweater.

This project was demanding and challenging in a good way and helped me work on budgeting time and deadlines (a sorely needed skill in my life and business) and ended up looking pretty cool all together. All but three of the original paintings have sold and I've made a select few available as paper prints. I'm getting the urge to start another big personal project but am not sure exactly what to do… a little book/published sketchbook? Maybe some sort of wearable art? Suggestions are welcome!


  1. Love this idea! I might do something similar for my only practice in discipline. I would love to see phone cases with your art...particularly for my samsung galaxy 5...nobody ever carries cute ones for my phone. :)

  2. Classes! On line classes! Your work is awesome! I just love how you combine your personal photos with collage!

    1. Thanks Margaret! I've been thinking about how to create and film an online class in my studio :)

    2. Ahhh that would be awesome!!!

  3. How about little Rolls of stickers of some of your AMAZING works? They sure would look pretty on some snail mail, that is for certain!
    Or maybe some stationary? I ADORE your work by the way.
    Have a WONDERFUL evening....

  4. I love and own your fantastic work. My suggestion would be a book, much like a sketchbook filled with your prints with a handwritten explanation of your inspiration for each piece., maybe showing your original photo.
    As an aside I've tried to do a photo transfer on canvas and I've failed miserably so I'd also love a course on your successful technique for photo transfers to canvas! Thanks!

  5. I'm adding a second vote for the online classes. ;) Love love love my new painting! -Lisa D.

  6. I love this Mae! My husband and I followed the 30x30 project and bought one but I don't think I ever saw this one with the seagull! Really love the poem as well, if you write poetry often maybe you might consider making more paintings with them?!

  7. OMG! I love your art work! :) I really enjoy making collages, but they never look as good as these!

    xx from Germany

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  8. I think online classes would be hugely popular, as would a published scrapbook with photos, process shots, and explanations. Mixed media collage is such an accessible art form for novice artists, it can be such a therapeutic process for new creatives, and you have created so many interesting and unique methods that others would love to learn. You have developed such a unique style and voice in your work, I don't think there is any fear of duplication (maybe a poor mimic, but never a duplication!).