Monday, September 1, 2014

late august sail

Sometime last week I was writing the date on a customs form and it hit me… somehow it is already the end of August! Um, how did that happen? Determined to soak up the last few bits of summer Mike and I rode down to Jamestown, Rhode Island on Friday for a quick day and night on his sailboat. We sailed under the Pell Bridge and up Narraggansett Bay to Potter Cove, our favorite little spot to anchor overnight. 

Mike's boat is 26 feet and can fit about eight people sailing and sleep up to five (or six when we have an adventurous friend willing to rig a hammock up to the mast) but this time it was just us. After securing the boat to a mooring we stretched our legs, shared a few beers and cooked up dinner on the boat grill as the sun set. 

We were treated to a really incredible sunset… the sky was a vibrant purple, and a beautiful pink glow surrounded us while we made dinner, with a nice slice of moon rising over the water and even a few shooting stars thanks to the lack of light pollution. We sailed back the next morning, met up with Mike's family for some food and kayaking and then made our way back to Boston that night. This trip got me thinking about all the other things I want to do before the days get shorter and the nights get colder… collecting driftwood on Plum Island, wandering up the Maine coast for a few days, wandering around Boston, river kayaking... I just found out that there is camping on the tip of Cape Cod, so maybe we can even squeeze that in? So much left to do :)