Saturday, October 18, 2014

saturday night painting

Tomorrow is the second to last SoWa Open Market of the year! This market season (my first) has flown by. I'll write up a longer post about this art market season later, but overall they have been really fun to participate in and very successful. Out of 24 Sunday markets so far, I've only missed four; two while on vacation, one after my little sister's college graduation party, and one after learning the hard way that I can't enjoy a typical Saturday night out in the city with friends and still wake up at 5am and run a booth for ten hours. Oops! So Saturday nights are now very low key.

Tonight I worked on this 60"x36" painting that I started after looking back at my photos from Maine… rose, buttermilk, lemonade, mauve, rosewood, forget-me-not and magenta are experimental colors for me.

I'll be at the SoWa Market bright and early tomorrow with a bunch of original artwork and over seventy different paper prints. The farmer's market is awesome this time of year, there are a million food trucks and even a booth where you can buy a maple donut covered in bacon. BACON! What more do you need on a Sunday? What more in life, really.


  1. You should do a "how to" video on a working piece of yours. I'd love to know how you get from blank canvas to your gorgeous work!! Enjoy the market!

  2. Well.. I would add church to that Sunday need... but the bacon/maple/donut combo sounds good too!

    Love this beginning. I'm amazed at the size. You must stand back... waaay back, to check your progress. Beautiful colors.