Saturday, May 26, 2012

diy: roasted strawberry chocolate grilled cheese + one last artwork

Like all wonderful things lately, I found How Sweet It Is via Pinterest and I'm not sure but it might have changed my life. If it sounds like I'm exaggerating, just look at this:


See what I mean?! Outrageous. That's my attempt at Jessica's roasted strawberry chocolate grilled cheese this weekend. When I was describing it to Mike's mom I realized how insane and decadent and perhaps-I-shouldn't-eat-this-too-often it sounds. I mean... sharp cheese. Toasted artisan bread. Oven-crisped strawberries drowning in a maple syrup cider vinaigrette. Dilettante dark chocolate. More cheese. (In Mike's perfect world, topped off with bacon.) Definitely something to make only on occasion, but luckily it was decided that occasion should be a cloudy Saturday morning.

The How Sweet blog has a lot of unexpectedly delicious discoveries. Just be warned that many of them contain booze, bacon, chocolate or some combination of all three so hopefully you're okay with that. (I am.)

In other news... this is the last little bit of art I did before my summer kickoff weekend... this big piece has been waiting to be completed for a while now and it's almost ready to share.


It's outdoors and inspiration from here on out!

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  1. you have a dream lifestyle!
    keep it up!
    i can hardly wait to see this painting :)