Monday, May 21, 2012

handmade love: ceramics of etsy

Part of this weekend's Lazy Couch Sunday activities involved stumbling upon this article on Etsy and then getting sucked into window shopping all of Etsy's beautiful handmade ceramics. I think my bordering-on-obsessive love for handmade ceramic mugs has been well documented on my blog already... its just so interesting how the colors and textures of ceramics can completely change the feel of a meal or a drink. Here is some love for the pretty things I found.

Organic lace dishes and bowls by Christiane Sutherland

Stoneware espresso cups, bowls and vessels from Vitrified Studio

Wobbly plates collection from AtelierBB

Ceramic shot/espresso glasses with vintage stamping from the studio of Vanessa Villereal

Driftwood handmade ceramic bracelet by Kylie Parry, who makes beautiful ceramic jewelry.
I definitely should have grabbed this one before it sold.

Rustic handbuilt mugs by JustWork, a Vancouver collective with a cause.

There is some seriously beautiful handcrafted pottery out there. I have to admit... I just bought that last one. I almost never buy things for our apartment anymore because it's such a small space and we have everything we need... except that cup, I guess?

Ugh, somebody stop me. Except... don't, ever.


  1. Totally beautiful, thanks for sharing this collection. Have you ever seen Pigeon Toe Ceramics, if not you should check them out, I believe they are on Etsy.

  2. Oh wow those look ridiculously pretty.

  3. Great post! I want that Bracelet too!